Monday, 23 May 2016

Lectio on Acts: Index of posts and resources

Ministry of the Apostles: Russian icon by Fyodor Zubov, 1660

During Eastertide I posted a series of posts on Acts, drawing on the commentary by St John Chrysostom.  This post provides an index to them.

General resources on Acts

Haydock's introduction to Acts
Divine Lamp resources
Patristic citations of Acts
Ante-Nicene Fathers e catena


St John Chrysostom on the importance of Acts

Introduction to the book

Acts 1:1-3

Ascension of Christ

Acts 1: 3-14

The Twelve

Acts 1:15-26


Acts 2:1-36
Acts 2:37-47

St Peter's homily and the early Christian community

Acts 3 (1-25)
Acts 4 (1-37)
Acts 5 (1-42)

The Seven (inc martyrdom of Stephen)

Acts 6 (1-15)
Acts 7 (1-59)

Mission in Judea and Sumaria

Acts 8

Conversion of St Paul

Acts 9

Mission to the gentiles - vision of St Peter and baptism of Cornelius

Acts 10

Persecution of the Church and arrest of Peter

Acts 11: 1-18
Acts 11: 19-30
Acts 12

St Paul's first missionary journey

Acts 13:1-12
Acts 13: 13-52
Act 14

Council of Jerusalem

Acts 15:1-29

St Paul's Second Missionary journey

Acts 15:30 - 16:40
Acts 17

St Paul's Third Missionary Journey

Acts 18
Acts 19
Acts 20
Acts 21

St Paul's arrest in Jerusalem and imprisonment at Caesarea

Acts 22
Acts 23
Acts 24
Acts 25
Acts 26

St Paul's voyage to Rome

Acts 27
Acts 28

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